Halloween Landscapes

In the “spirit” of Halloween, here are some of the latest creepy landscape shots for your viewing pleasure.  Photo outing, October 7-9, 2019. Southeastern Utah. 

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Utah Autumn Photography

Utah autumn photography is my favorite. As I mentioned in one of my last blog posts, the light during the season is magic. Of course, the colors are magnificent too. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect […]

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Vernal Utah Shoot

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Lobsters and Quarter Horse Ranching

A deep personal interest in the American west, particularly the old west, came as a surprise as it all began from lobsters to quarter horses. Moving from Massachusetts to California as the result of our […]

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Shooting Utah’s “Light Seasons”

Shooting Utah’s “light seasons” is a term I use to plan photo outings around the state. Few areas in the lower 48 possess the kind of exquisite light that many photographers can only dream of […]

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