Instructions For Purchasing Prints

From this “Purchase Images Here” page, you can buy your preferred images. Select the quantity of each image you want, the sizes, and the type mounts you prefer.

To buy prints, simply click the small shopping cart icon beside the images you want and a pricing list will appear on the right. Here you can scroll down and choose your custom selections. Once your selections are chosen, be sure to click the black button that reads, “Add to Cart”. This function will then send your order selections to the shopping cart/checkout page.

NOTE: If you happen to click to expand the image for a larger view, notice at the bottom left-hand side of the slide strip, there’s a shopping cart icon there now. It moved! In other words, when viewing the page as a gallery, there are shopping cart icons on each individual thumbnail. Once you click on the image for a bigger view, the shopping cart icon is now at the bottom left. Click it to view the pricing/size/mount list and add to cart when your done selecting your sizes and mounts. Go to “View Cart” to finalize your order or edit the cart if needed. Thank you!

Cropping Considerations

Before you purchase your selected images, be sure to use the cropping tool. It appears as a red frame line around the images in your cart. Crop the image the way you want.

NOTE: If you choose the canvas mount option, an inch or more of the print’s edge will be lost. It will be stretched around the outside parameter of the print frame. Subjects of certain images may be lost in this case. Plan for this loss by noticing what elements reside along the edges of the image. If you want to keep these elements, please choose a different mount option.

Order Fulfillment

Once your secure order has been placed, be sure the shipping address is correct. Your custom order will be shipped to that location when completed. Depending upon your location, orders take four to six business days to ship.

Secure Checkout

My image purchase page, shopping cart, and checkout pages are all secure and encrypted. (Notice the “Trusted Site” icon on the bottom of each page.)

I do not have access to any of your financial data. I can only view minimal specific details about your order from an order management page. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me!

Questions About Your Order?

If you’re unsure about any of the selections before you order, please reach out to me. I will help you with cropping, and image mounting options.

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